Here she is!!!

Yu Jin Mei

Born:  October 21, 1999
Yujiang, Jiangxi Province


  Bedroom & Playroom

Playroom w/hidden TV

Grass is starting to come up ... finally

JoAnne and EmmaLee visit for a day.

Referral Info.
Referrals came in on April 17, 2000.

I have Chinese class in a half hour but will fill everyone in on the details soon.

Travel to China in 8-10 weeks.

Here are some recent photos of the playroom and the new lawn 
(the even bigger playroom!)


Bedroom: I was so glad to find Carter's John Lennon collection goes nicely with the paintings I brought back from Costa Rica, Haiti & Honduras, which will be decorating Elissa's little bedroom upstairs.

Playroom: I can't believe I actually sewed curtains but, yes, they are done! As Elissa will probably be a Year of the Rabbit child, a bunny print from Daisy Kingdom grabbed my attention.  Can't wait to hear some laughter coming from that room!

Our Travel Group: We have five families in our travel group from all across the U.S.  EmmaLee will be the youngest member of our group ... that is, until the babies arrive!

Why Elissa?

I made up the name Elissa.
Her middle name will be her Chinese name.

I wanted to name my daughter after my grandmother, 
Elizabeth Klink, 
who I love very much.
Gramma came halfway around the world to start my mother's family and 
my Elissa will be coming the other halfway to start my family.

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