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All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Cecil Frances Alexander 1818-1895 *

All Places Wide and Wonderful

An inventory of the greater Portland area's public parks, as conducted by reading at least one chapter of the Bible in each of them

First Third of the Year

  1. Name of Park: Adams
    Location: Cornell Road, West Hills, Portland
    Owner: unknown, but probably Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 133, 134, 135
    Notes: So well integrated into the Forest Park / Pittock Acres Park / Macleay Park complex that it is difficult to determine where it starts and ends. Park has a few dirt trails leading upward to Pittock Mansion and connecting to local roads, and is otherwise wild. Main trail through the area is Wildwood Trail, but lesser named trails abound. Psalm 133 is an encouragement for the spirit of brohterhood, Psalm 134 and 135 are praise offerings in the house of the Lord, and both seemed appropriate for the surroundings in this area.

    Of public basketball courts in Portland, those of Albina Park / Harriet Tubman Middle School (the courts are barely visible in the background, on a raised section of ground) have probably the best view of any. The view in this park isn't quite as spectacular as in one or two other parks, but that is only because of the trees that stand in the way. One or two other locations in the park are quite good, but it takes some effort to find them. Best get your view now while it lasts, for if the city tears down the Portland Public Schools warehouse and builds the baseball park, as is being proposed this month (April 2003), a considerable portion of the view from here may be lost for good.

  2. Name of Park: Albina
    Location: NE Russell & Sacramento
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 42, 43
    Notes: Is mostly a vacant area set aside for games, but has a few picnic tables. The western edge of this park is quite close to Interstate 5, and unfortunately that is where the picnic tables are located. While somewhat noisy, the racket from the highway isn't quite as bad as I expected it to be. While not spectacular, the view of Portland's skyline is at least more of a view that from the average park These chapters are a part of a message of hope. "You have done wrong, but my messenger is coming and no one is forgotten. It is possible to be saved it you want it."

  3. Name of Park: Argay
    Location: NE Failing & 141st Avenue, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Mat 28, Mark 15, 16
    Notes: Park appears to be quite busy, which is not too surprising as it is really the only park in the area. Beech Park doesn't really exist yet and to get to any other parks you have to cross Interstate 84. Has tennis courts, outdoor basketball court, and is mostly grassy areas with scattered, small to medium sized trees.

  4. Name of Park: Atkinson
    Location: Jackson and 16th Street, Oreogn City
    Owner: appears to be Oregon City, but possibly Clackamas County, which owns the shops facility on the road below the park.
    Chapter(s) Read: Romans 1, and part of 2
    Notes: small covered picnic area. Slightly neglected looking, perhaps because trees seem to have a severely knurled look, but somehow the park just feels as if it has been forgotten by local residents, but not the city of Oregon City: grass mowed even in February. Arrived on bus 32 from Portland.

  5. Name of Park: Beech
    Location: NE Beech & 129th, Portland
    Owner: ?
    Chapter(s) Read: Malachi 1-4
    Notes: Visited April 20 (Easter Sunday). Appears on maps, but does not appear to currently be operating as a park. When I arrived, there were two tractors going strong in the area, planting crops. Perhaps this land is purchased with the idea of there being a future park there, but in the meantime it is used for farming? However, the land is quite close to Shaver Elementary School, and so I read on the baseball diamond bench there. Malachi contains an assortment of items, including a breif section that points to Christ's eventual appearance, and at that time all sins may be forgiven. The contemporary generation, however, has rejected God, and doesn't even realize it. God invited them to "Test me" and "will I not open up the storehouses of heaven?" (3:10). Please note that this does not imply that all those who give to the church will have wealth beyond measure. Blessings can take many forms. However, the statements in Malachi demonstrate that God has little interest in blessing those who cheat the temple and the body of believers that worship there.

  6. Name of Park: Beggar's Tick Wildlife Refuge
    Location: Bellrose railroad line & 111th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Metro regional government
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 22 to 24.
    Notes: Visited in early February. Has a few short trails and a bridge, and little else artificial. Primarily swamp. As the name implies, purpose is as a wildlife refuge on the fringe of the urban area. There is a small sheltered area with benches nearby, on the Springwater Trail, which has been built on the old roadbed of the Bellrose interurban line. Due to dampness of the ground due to recent rain, read while standing. Section includes the well-known 23rd Psalm, a prayer of faith and trust and safety in the Lord. All go together though. 22 is a prayer of a suffering man, and 24 is a continuation of the saved by the hand of God theme from 23.

  7. Name of Park: Berkeley
    Location: SE Bybee and 39th Avenue, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Acts 23
    Notes: Visited in mid-January. Walked from where I work. Somewhat difficult to find from west side due to streets that follow a maze-like pattern.

  8. Name of Park: Berrydale
    Location: SE Taylor and 90th Avenue, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 4
    Notes: Visited in mid-March. Combined visit to Harrison park, Pilgrim Christian bookstore, and a trip home on the #4 bus. Park has community garden, a grove of fir trees, and picnic tables in the grove of fir trees. There are also game fields.

  9. Name of Park: Beaver Creek (? - Name not on any official sign I found)
    Location: Beaver Creek between Beaver Creek Lane and Evans Avenue, Troutdale
    Owner: unknown, but appears to be Troutdale
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 30 to 36
    Notes: features hiking trails into Beaver Creek canyon. Accessible from trails from Kiku Park and Beaver Creek Lane, and other areas. Found a small bench carved into a wood retaining wall, and read there. Wonderful place due to sound of creek below and no traffic noise at all, but some airport noise (Troutdale and Portland). Have a definite desire to go back and explore more, as I only had a chance to see part of the trail system.
    See VirtualTourist Entry for Canyon Park, which was the name given on one map. Troutdale city map of parks was later revised to show a "Beaver Creek Canyon" park. Vandals later completely destroyed the particular trail I used to enter the park for the first time, but several other entrances remain open.

  10. Name of Park: Bloomington
    Location: SE Raymond & 101st Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 19, 20, 21
    Notes: Visited in early February. Arrived on bus #10. Majority of park is playing fields, plus small playground, and a few trees.

  11. Name of Park: Blue Lake Regional (formerly Blue Lake County)
    Location: NE Blue Lake Road & approx 213th, Fairview
    Owner: Metro Regional Government (formerly Multnomah County)
    Chapter(s) Read: Romans 3
    Notes: Visited April 20 (Easter Sunday) $3 entrance fee. No public transit service to park, except summer only non-numbered shuttle bus. Very popular. Has extensive picnic areas and large cleared areas for various games. Has a beach on the lake that is popular with swimmers, plus outdoor showers and other related facilities for the swimmers. This chapter of Romans seemed appropriate to the day, as it covers the reason for Christ's death and resurrection: "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Yet, it is possible for them to live a new life in faith.

  12. Name of Park: Brentwood
    Location: SE Duke & 62nd Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
    Notes: Visited in early February. Arrived on bus #10. Seems to have excellent community center and other buildings, as well as a number of large trees.

  13. Name of Park: Brooklyn
    Location: SE Haig and 10th Avenue, Portland
    Owner: City of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Romans 4, 5
    Notes: walked there from Brooklyn School (bus route 10). Playground and a long slope downhill. Brooklyn School (below) is only a few blocks away but has much less traffic noise due to proximity of Milwaukie Avenue to this park.

  14. Name of Park: Brooklyn School
    Location: SE Center and 16th Avenue, Portland
    Owner: City of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Romans 2, 3
    Notes: walked there after work. Fairly quiet, considering major streets are only a few blocks away in all directions.

  15. Name of Park: Bunnell
    Location: SE Pine & Walnut Streets, Oak Grove area
    Owner:North Clackamas Parks & Recreation
    Chapter(s) Read: Ezra 3, 4
    Notes:Walked from bus route 33. Minimalist. Features open grass, a sign, and a tree. Very useful for games requiring an open field, which seems to be what nearby children and families would want in a park. No shade, so probably quite hot in summer. What causes people to lose the vision that God gave them? Ezra was given unique authority, yet the vision was lost and the work stopped.

  16. Name of Park: Carnegie Center and surrounding park
    Location: 6th & 7th Streets, John Adams & Jefferson Streets, Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: Ezra 9, 10
    Notes: Gift of Andrew Carnegie, 1912. Up until recently, the city library. Now Art Gallery, Coffee Shop and Children's Museum. Not officially recognized as a park on most maps, but more park-like than many parks that are officially recognized. Has wading pool, a few benches, swing set. A number of quite large trees. Traffic noise from 7th street mildly irritating, but not as bad as some other parks.

  17. Name of Park: Chapman Square
    Location: SW 3rd & Madison, Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 59
    Notes:By the famous elk fountain. Standard urban park, with trees, concrete sidewalks, and benches. Isaiah 59 is an important chapter in the book, as it illustrates that the problem that God has is not the actions of the people, but the unrepenting spirit. If they turned from their ways, they could be healed, but they have put a barrier between themselves and the one that can heal them.

  18. Name of Park: Cherry
    Location: SE Stephens between 106th & 111th Aves., Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Jeremiah 20
    Notes:This is an exceptionally easy park to miss. It can only be accessed from the north, and the only access points are two small entrances on dead-end streets at each end of the park. Park is about half and half open space and densely wooded. There is a single memorial bench on the east side of the park. The park has the potential to be a very quiet place, as there are no busy streets nearby. However, if you visit during a weekday, the large gravel pit on the south side contributes a considerable amount of noise. In this chapter, Jeremiah is punished for his prophecies of doom against the unjst king and kingdom. His response to this is a mixture of pain, faith, despair, and calling down curses on his own life. This is a very bleak picture of how bad things can be for someone who calls for justice in an unjust kingdom, even when they have God's will in doing so.

  19. Name of Park: Clinton
    Location: SE 55th Avenue between Division and Brooklyn, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Joshua 1, 2
    Notes: Visited in late February. Walked from 39th and Hawthorne (primarily on Lincoln, which is relatively quiet for a through street) and returned on bus #14, which is just west of the park. Routes #4, #71, and #9 also close. Several playing fields, tennis courts, a playground, as well as a few good sized trees. Doesn't seem as well utilized as perhaps it should be, perhaps because entrances are somewhat lost between the two schools on either side. The park appears a part of them. Park has a sharp, but short, rise in the middle that allows a little better view than many others, but nowhere near as good as the very close Mt. Tabor. In Joshua 1 and 2, the people of Israel get ready to take over the land that God has dedicated for their use. The former occupants, the Canaanites, had developed some horrible religious practices. It is obvious from Joshua 1 and 2 that the people very much respect the God of the Hebrews. Now, some archaelogical evidence seems to indicate that historical occupants of Jerusalem worshipped a supreme creator type of diety very early in their history. According to the Biblical history of these lands, Abraham, the father of the Hebrew and Arab peoples, was greeted by the High Priest of Salem (that is, Jerusalem). So, perhaps the Hebrew and Canaanite peoples worshipped the same God originally, but that later on the Canaanites abandoned this way and followed other gods. This might explain why there was such worry among them in Joshua chapters 1 and 2: They knew that some other people had gained God's favor, and theirs was lost.

  20. Name of Park: Colonel Summers
    Location: SE Taylor & 18th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Mark 4
    Notes: Visited in January. Walked from Hawthorne Fred Meyer's store, while waiting for 1 hour film to develop. Even in January, the shelter was open, but didn't need it that day.

  21. Name of Park: Columbia View
    Location: NE 169th & Pacific, Gresham
    Owner: Gresham
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 6
    Notes: One item that I have appreciated about all the Gresham parks that I have visited so far is that they are far enough away from major through streets to be fairly free of traffic noise. This park is a good example, as it is bordered by a Junior High School and a dead end street. Despite the name, it is not possible to see the Columbia River from this park, but you can see where the ground falls away where the river should be. It has a grove of good-sized trees, but there are no benches or other man-made objects in the park. There are some medium sized grass open spaces that could be used for some games. 1 Corinthians 6 is a discussion of disputes between believers. First, these should not have to be solved by secular authorities. Second, the Christian attitude should

  22. Name of Park: Couch
    Location: NW Hoyt & 19th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 51
    Notes: Park has a very good playground, and a fair number of benches and paved walkways, and is shaded by trees. There are not any large playing fields, but there is a flat paved area for children's activities as part of a nearby school. Isaiah is told to not be afraid, for God will stand with him against those he must tell of their injustices.

  23. Name of Park: Council Crest
    Location: Council Crest Drive, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: John 14
    Notes: This is one of Portland's great features. It is possible to see four different Cascade peaks on a good day. Good view to the northwest and the north part of Portland, with a few of the downtown buildings showing through. This was part of a loop trip made on March 26 to three parks on bus route 51. Perhaps the words that stand out the most during this troubled time is "Don't let your hearts be troubled." There is no peace on earth, but those who trust in the Lord can rest in knowing that he is still ultimately in control of these things.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  24. Name of Park: Creston
    Location: SE Rhone & 45th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Mark 9
    Notes: Visited in late January. Raining heavily that day, and only shelter available was pushed up against side of storage shed in park. Water wasn't a concern to me except that I didn't want to ruin the pages of Bible. Park looks like it would be really fun in good weather, as this is one of the Portland parks with an outdoor swimming pool. It even has a short slide that goes into the pool. There are also lots of picnic tables and a playground.

  25. Name of Park: Cross
    Location: E 1st Avenue & Clackamas River, Gladstone
    Owner: Gladstone
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 136, 137, 138
    Notes: A popular park, particularly with the local fishermen. The park officially opens at 3 in the morning to accomodate the fishing folk.

  26. Name of Park: Dahl
    Location: Willamette River & Clackamas River
    Owner: City of Gladstone
    Chapter(s) Read: Acts 8
    Notes: Visited in February. Popular with fishermen, and right now with the ducks and geese. Small beach area on Clackamas River. Walked from where I live, but accessible from bus 34, 33, 99, and to a lesser extent 79, 32, and 33-Arlington Branch. Acts 8 shows the spread of the Christian belief due to persecution.

  27. Name of Park: Davis
    Location: NE Everett & 194th Ave., Gresham
    Owner: Gresham
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 8
    Notes: Visited in mid-March. Park is mostly open space, with some paved trails and playground equipment. It has a small skateboard area, and the park was filled with kids riding skateboards or other wheeled toys of various shapes and sizes on the trails and in the skateboard area. This chapter of 1st Corinthians begins "We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies." Thus begins the discussion of how important it is to take into account how our actions may affect others.

  28. Name of Park: Dement
    Location: Charman & Jersey Avenue, Oregon City
    Owner: ? appears to be Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: Nehamiah 4
    Notes: Is this a park, or is it someone's yard? It isn't clear. The maps make it appear as if it is a park, but the only clue that this isn't part of someone's yard was the fact that the nearby houses had grass mowed to a different length, and therefore there were visible lines in the grass. There is a gravel path to a nearby dead-end street, and what looks like a wooden bus stop shelter with a bench inside, plus two or three trees.

    Depot park was set aside as part of a larger effort that features the home of the Troutdale train station.

  29. Name of Park: Depot
    Location: Columbia River Highway & Sandy Street, Troutdale
    Owner: Troutdale
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 55
    Notes: Visited in late-March, on that glorious warm last weedend of the month. Park is location of preserved railroad station, plus a few railroad cars. A short trail leads off to the edge of the river. The park was the best of the three along the Columbia River Highway (Harlow House and Glenn Otto other two) as far as traffic noise. Noise when train goes by though, but not very often. If you sit there long enough, some of the birds will come up to you, but the rabbits are quite skittish and if you move in the least they will run. Chapter of Isaiah compares God's word and forgiveness to refreshing and free water. The nature of the word of God is to satisfy spiritual thirst, just as the rain satisfies the thirst of the land and brings growth and fruit.

  30. Name of Park: Dierickx Memorial
    Location: W. Risley Avenue & Cloucester Street, Gladstone
    Owner: Gladstone
    Chapter(s) Read: John 20, 21
    Notes: Two baseball diamonds, four picnic tables, and a few small, scattered trees. One of the baseball diamonds is well-equipped, with primitive announcers box, etc. These chapters are at the very end of Christ's ministry, and Christ has a message of encouragement for the very discouraged Peter, who still feels as though he abandoned Christ during the dark hours of his death.

  31. Name of Park: Dogwood
    Location: Main Street & Lake Road, Milwaukie
    Owner: owned by City of Milwaukie, maintained by North Clackamas Parks & recreation
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 31
    Notes:Walked over to park during bus layover in Milwaukie. One picnic table, but the only one I have yet seen, after visiting approximately 100 parks, that is designed to be wheelchair accessible. Steep, unclimbable bank down to Kellogg Lake - even if you could get down to the lake, there is no getting back up on that steep bank. Considerable traffic noise from Highway 99E, yet park is well shaded and in ways a more pleasant place to sit than many locations in downtown Milwaukie. Isaiah 31 is a commentary on how Israel is willing to call on Egypt to get help, but is unwilling to look to their God, or to reform the ways of injustice that lead to their problems.

  32. Name of Park: Earl Boyles
    Location: SE Center & 110th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 4
    Notes: Walked from bus route 17. Several playing fields and a pathway that connects to a large privately owned parking lot on the north side of the park, and a grove of fir trees. Only visible entrance on south side, on Boise Street.

  33. Name of Park: East Bank Esplanade
    Location: East side of Willamette River between Steel and Marquam bridges
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalm 88, 89
    Notes: Walked from bus stop on Hawthorne Bridge that has #10, #33, #4 and #14. While expensive to build, the new walkway on the east side of the river is quite popular with many people. Psalm 88 is a cry of distress, and 89 is an acknowledgement that while God may still correct us, and we may pass through the darkest of times, yet God's love for us is still unfailing. It's March 17, 2003, and the country is on the cusp of war, which no matter how severe the difference in military might, there will be troubles, death, and horrors of all kinds. It is important for us to remember that God's love does not fail, no matter how uncertain the times or the moods of men.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  34. Name of Park: Ed Bennedict
    Location: SE Powell & 102nd Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Ruth 1-4
    Notes: Playground and game fields very popular. Also includes a separate area called the Portland Memory Garden

  35. Name of Park: Errol Heights
    Location: SE Umatilla & 50th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 18
    Notes: Visited in early February. Walked from bus #75. Difficult to find from either Harney or SE 52nd Ave. Apparently undeveloped and unmaintained. First attempt was walking from where I work. Could not find obvious entrance of any sort. After 2nd attempt at trying to find it from Harney (walked from Brentwood Park), decided to simply sit on a concrete barricade that, according to the map, should have been at the entrance to the park from Harney. Difficult to tell where private property and public park begins, with the park in the state that it is in. Will have to be close enough to suffice as being "in" the park.

  36. Name of Park: Essex
    Location: SE Center & 77th Avenue, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 104th Psalm
    Notes: Reasonably quiet, yet also reasonably popular. Nice that it isn't right next to major streets, so that it is more comfortable to the ears. Psalm 104 is an affirmation of the power and wisdom of God, and how He is reflected in all of creation.

  37. Name of Park: Firland Parkway
    Location: SE 72nd Avenue between Holgate and Foster, Portland
    Owner: City of Portland (?)
    Chapter(s) Read: James 1, 2
    Notes: walked there from 72nd & Harold (bus route 10). Odd that this section of parkway would be on the map as an actual park while so many others are not.

  38. Name of Park: Flavel
    Location: SE Lambert & 75th Place, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 2
    Notes: Visited in February. Isn't easy to find if you go past it quickly. Flavel is the only major through street it is visible from. No real entrance from that direction, though, unless you are on foot. Has a nice, large soccer field, and a very small playground. Luke 2 contains what little we know of Jesus youth. Considering that Jesus did not come from a region or family known for its education, it is interesting to note the reaction of the religious leaders of the time.

  39. Name of Park: Floyd Light
    Location: SE Salmon & 110th, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 60, 61, 62, 63
    Notes: South entrance to park is tucked behind a number of houses at the end of a dead-end street, and therefore can be difficult to find. On the map, this is a park that runs for quite a distance in the north-south direction. However, the middle of the park appears to be dedicated to the track of a nearby middle school. Did not go into the northern half of the park, but it appears to be open playing field. South side is a small open space with a grove of dense forest on a steep hill between the open space and the track. These chapters from Psalms add an interesting contrast to the chapters in Jeremiah that were just read in Cherry and Mill parks. These are the cry of desperation and for healing from a King who knows that he and his people have sinned against God.

  40. Name of Park: Forest
    Location: Huge area of northwest Portland, from Holman Lane to Newberry Road
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Ezra 8
    Notes: One of the largest city parks in the world, this park has many popular recreational trails. It is part of a larger series of parks that include Linnton Park, Washington Park, Holman Park, Adams Park, Pittock Acres Park, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park. All of these parks join together to form one large urban recreation and wildlife habitat area. In this chapter of Ezra, the people see the error of their ways for so many generations, and they make short work of repentance.

  41. Name of Park: Fraser or Frazer (depends on what source you are looking at)
    Location: NE Hassao & 52nd Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Kings 22 - 2 Kings 2
    Notes: Visited in mid-April. Part of loop from Hollywood Transit Center. View towards towntown shows a few small pieces of the West Hills, but nothing extremely spectacular. I-84 is nearby, and there is some traffic noise, but not as bad as some parks. The park is mostly open grass, with a few scattered trees and picnic tables, and a very small playground. A basketball court is in the park, but there is only one hoop. This scripture passage marks the end of an era in Jewish history, as the prophet Elijah, who long preached against the socail ills of the time, as well as the people's inattention to God, is taken away.

    Furnberg Park shows the transition of areas around Clackamas. In the background is one of the remaining farmer's fields in the area. Behind the playground equipment is an example of the single family houses that will no doubt occupy all the farms in a few years, and occupy all the land surrounding the local roads leading to the park. To the right is the small section of wetlands area that is preserved in this park. The park has little else beyond what you see here.

  42. Name of Park: Furnberg
    Location: short dead-end road off of somewhat larger dead end road off of SE Apple Street, Milwaukie
    Owner: City of Milwaukie, Maintained by North Clackamas Parks & Recreation
    Chapter(s) Read: Zechariah 13, 14
    Notes: Due to the hidden access to the park, as well as small size, this is not extremely easy to find. The park features a playground, a small wetlands area that has been left wild, two non-muddly pathways, and a few places to sit. The park sits on the edge of a farmer's field at the edge of the suburban housing in that part of Milwaukie. This part of Zechariah's message appears to be aimed at those that would buy and sell the word of God. It essentially compares them with merchants (or Canaanites) in the Holy temple.

  43. Name of Park: Gilbert Heights
    Location: SE Boise & 130th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Jude
    Notes: Walked from bus 17. Park is basically a playing field extension of the nearby school. In fact, a sign warns that the park is to be considered closed during school hours. However, the David Douglas School District is not kind enough to tell us what hours those may be. In the book of Jude, we are warned that God's grace and forgiveness is not a licence to lead a sinful life, and we are told that we need to work on continuing to build ourselves up in the faith.

  44. Name of Park: Gilbert Primary
    Location: SE Foster & 134th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 6
    Notes: Walked from bus 10. Several large playing fields, plus a grove of fir. Nearby grade school adds a playground. Luke 6 teaches, among other things, that laws are for the benefit of those who practice them, and are not supposed to be a burden.

  45. Name of Park: Glenhaven
    Location: NE Siskiyou & 82nd Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Nehamiah 4
    Notes: Visited in January. Walked from nearby neighborhood. Nehamiah continues his work, despite the opposition and obstacles. When God tells us to do something, not everything comes easy or is handed to us on a silver platter.

  46. Name of Park: Glenn Otto Community Park (formerly Troutdale Community Park)
    Location: Sandy River & Columbia River Highway
    Owner: Troutdale
    Chapter(s) Read: Joshua 1, 2
    Notes: Park includes a wide assortment of activities. Playground, picnic tables among some large trees, swimming in the river is popular, and so is fishing. Considerable portion of park is a sandy beach environment. This passage has to do with the leading of the people of Israel into the promised land. Years previous to this, the people did not want to go into the unknown and forgot about how God had led them out of Egypt. Here, we see that the people who are being displaced are not so very powerful, and in fact they remember the Israelite victories better than the Israelites do, as it makes it clear that God is with the Israelites.

  47. Name of Park: Glenwood
    Location: SE Bybee & 89th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 1
    Notes: Visited in February. Walked from bus 10. Can hear I-205, but it isn't too bad. Luke, an early follower of Christ, introduces us of his efforts to record the events that the rest of the world has heard rumors of, but little permanent records written.

  48. Name of Park: Goat Island
    Location: Willamette River, at Clackamas River
    Owner: ?
    Chapter(s) Read: -
    Notes: Not yet successfully visited. Need a boat to get there. Can be seen from Meldrum Bar park. Consists of trees and wild grass and a beach.

  49. Name of Park: Good Samaritan Hospital Courtyard
    Location: NW MArshall between 22nd and & 23rd Aves, Portland
    Owner: Good Samaritan Hospital
    Chapter(s) Read: Ezekiel 1, 2
    Notes: This isn't a public park in that it is owned by a public agency, but it is open to the public in that there does not seem to be any restrictions on people using the area. It is a wonderful place for quiet meditation and reflection, and there is no traffic noise at all - though there is a little noise from one of the ventilation systems, but nothing like the traffic noise in so many Portland parks. Ezekiel sees a vision of God that causes him to be overwhelmed for 7 days afterward. Part of message is to not be afraid, even though being a rare just person living among an unjust nation may be like living among scorpions, don't worry, because of the protection of the Lord.

  50. Name of Park: Grant
    Location: NE 33rd & Brazee, Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Micah 7
    Notes:Paved walkways among trees, with a good sized playing field, plus additional space contributed by the nearby Grant High School, including a track. Playground on west side appears to be very good, but unfortunately it is also next to the busiest street that goes by the park. Includes a monument to the characters of a famous children's author that lived in the area. On April 11th it is perhaps appropriate to read a passage about the hope of the future, about misery and the rise from the ashes of a dictatorship, and expressing of hope for the future.

  51. Name of Park: Hall
    Location: SW 14th & Upper Hall Street, Portland
    Owner: Unmarked, but probably Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Zechariah 6, 7, 8
    Notes:At one time, park appears to have had a great view of Mt. Hood and parts of downtown Portland. Now, it has a great view of Interstate 405, with resulting traffic noise. This is, perhaps, the worst park I have yet visited in terms of traffic noise, however, it seems to be confined to the bench closest to the freeway. On the far side of the park the traffic noise drops off to a far more reasonable level.

    Harlow House park was set aside as part of preserving the historic homestead, and features walkways near the old Salmon ponds, plus a trail up the hill.

  52. Name of Park: Harlow House
    Location: on the Columbia River Highway, Troutdale
    Owner: Troutdale
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 20
    Notes: Historic preservation of old homestead led to the creation of this park, which connects to a local network of trails at the top of the hill. Includes a wonderful area for reading and study, including ponds and boardwalks. Only problem here is the traffic noise from the highway. There is a single picnic table at the top of the hill, and while the traffic noise up here is much less, there is the noise of the nearby neighborhood (weed wackers, dogs barking etc.) This chapter is about Jesus' wisdom in responding to the local religious leaders trying to trick him into saying things that would cause his official punishment by the Roman government.

  53. Name of Park: Harney
    Location: SE Harney & 66th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 3
    Notes: Visited in February. Seems like a somewhat forgotten part of SE Portland. Two quite large playing fields, at least, plus a playground that seemed popular.

  54. Name of Park: Harrison
    Location: SE Harrison & 84th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 5
    Notes: Visited in mid-March. Except for a small area of playground equipment, park is almost entirely devoted to game fields. I count four baseball diamonds.

  55. Name of Park: Healy Heights
    Location: West Hills of Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 19
    Notes: A small park for local residents on a hill that, until the recent construction boom, must have provided one or two spectacular glimpses overlooking downtwon. The park features a small half-size playing field for soccer or baseball, plus some playground equipment. Some impression of this is still available by walking on some local streets. This was part of a loop trip made on March 26 to three parks on bus route 51, which terminates on a loop about 20 feet from the park. Jesus came to save us despite the religious leaders of the time. Do our temples today stand up to Jesus' desire for purity in the church?

  56. Name of Park: High Rocks
    Location: old route of 82nd Avenue and Clackamas River, Gladstone
    Owner: Gladstone
    Chapter(s) Read: John 1
    Notes: Park is most well known because of the number of people who come here to cool off in the summer and drown in the river. It is also a popular place for the fishermen. Park entrance is a small paved path that is easy to miss if you don't know what to look for or are not on foot. John's testimony of what he saw in the life of Chrsit has the most poetic form. He states simply that this is what he saw happening.

  57. Name of Park: Hillside Center Park
    Location: West Hills, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Matthew 25
    Notes: January. Walked up hill from NW Portland. Quite small park. Primarily an indoor recreation center with a parking lot and an outdoor playground. Sat on steps of east side of park due to there being little available in public seating and what little is there was wet due to earlier rain, but the steps were somewhat dry due to a nearby tree.

  58. Name of Park: Holman
    Location: One entrance near NW Aspen & Raleigh, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Jeremiah 23
    Notes: From Thurman walked on a number of local streets to get to Holman Lane, which is an abandoned road that supposedly goes through Holman Park. The sign says "Welcome to Forest Park", but according to the map I am in the middle of Holman Park. Is this park even differentiated from all the other surrounding parks anymore? Yet one sign in Forest Park, that enters the park from Aspen Ave, says that there is only a fraction of a mile to Holman Park. There is a single bench in the far side of a clearing near the abandoned Holman Lane, and it is a quiet area except for a few sounds that drift in from a few houses near the edge of the park, and this is the location I chose. This is a continuation of the passage read in Midland Park. The people of the time are living a lie and consider themselves right in the eyes of God and unpunishable. Yet, justice is not part of their lives. As it says in another contemporary prophet, the innocent blood spilled in the streets cries out to God for justice. It's March 29 and we are starting to see some difficulty in the war in Iraq. Saddam is unjust, we know that, and no doubt there is lots of innocent blood in Iraq crying out for justice. Yet, we must make sure that we are not guilty of the same misdeeds, and think we are innocent as Israel was at the time of thie writing.

  59. Name of Park: Holladay
    Location: NE Multnomah & 11th Avenue, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Ezra 1, 2
    Notes: Very late April. Walked from bus route 10. Park has really nice benches, fountain, and other relaxation features, and is well shaded by all the trees. When the weather gets a little warmer, we will see many children in that fountain, I bet. Ezra is given power to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, which is somehow forgotten in chapters 3 and 4 (see Bunnell Park). Under the right circumstances, we should allow God to work through us and give us areas of responsibility.

  60. Name of Park: Hoyt Arboretum
    Location: West Hills, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Job 22, 23
    Notes: early February. This is inside Washington Park, but it is under separate management, and publicly accessible, so that perhaps it counts as a separate park. Job insists that he is without sin, and God has no reason to punish him, yet he then is told of how the poor cry out against him.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

    Afternoon light in mid-April on Ira's Fountain.

  61. Name of Park: Ira Keller Fountain
    Location: SW 4th & Market Street, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Judges 19, 20
    Notes:The fountain faces east, and it is probably best visited in late morning for the best lighting effects. Even in early April, while it is still quite cold, there were several teen-age girls swimming in the fountain - proof that the spirit of youth continues to remain unquenchable, even in times of national trial. The fountain features a slogan (underwater) against tyranny and oppression. In Judges 19 and 20 we see that, while the people of Israel were to eliminate evil from the land into which they moved, they themselves are no better than Sodom, and the problem of their unclean spirit and will remains a problem until the Kingdom is conquered.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  62. Name of Park: Jacob's Memorial Square
    Location: 6th & 5th Streets, John Adams & Washington Streets, Oregon City
    Owner:Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: Ezra 7, 8
    Notes: Oregon City Manufacturing Co., third oldest corporation in Oregon, became the largest woolen mill west of the Mississippi River. By 1867 it was principally owned and operated by the German immigrant brothers Isaac and Ralph Jacobs. In 1954, Frances and Hilda Jacobs, the last survivors, in memory of their father and brother, established the Ralph and Adolph Jacobs Foundation, devoted to educational and other charitable causes. This block was purchased by the trustees and given to the people of Oregon City. An excerpt from the three plaques in the park. Much of the block is currently occupied by the Pioneer Community Center, but a small area to the north and east is still park-like, with flower gardens, benches, grass, and a flagpole or so.

  63. Name of Park: Kelly Butte
    Location: SE Woodward & 105th Avenue, Portland
    Owner: Portland (?)
    Chapter(s) Read: Zephaniah 1-3
    Notes: Visited in early February. Explored the south and east sides of park, but unable to find any way into park from those sides. In the process of walking around the south side, found Ed Bennedict park far more appealing than continued fruitless searching. Will try more detailed exploration of north side later. Park with no entrance left me in the mood for some hellfire and brimstone from the Old Testament prophets. Read part of Zephaniah in a tiny driveway that is part of the maintenance road for a water bureau facility. It is as close as I could come to the park from those two directions.

  64. Name of Park: Kenilworth
    Location: SE Holgate & 33rd Avenue, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Numbers 21, 1 Peter 4:7-19
    Notes: Visited in January. Walked from work. Numbers 21: God still provides basic needs for the people, despite a rebellion, but all who tried to stand in the way destroyed. 1 Peter: Be alert for what God is doing!

  65. Name of Park: Kern
    Location: SE Center & 66th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: all of 1st Peter
    Notes: Playground seems to be popular. It and a small playing field are all that make up this park, but families seem to enjoy it.

  66. Name of Park: Kiku
    Location: SE Beaver Creek Lane & 18th Street, Troutdale
    Owner: Troutdale
    Chapter(s) Read: Amos 4, 5, 6
    Notes: Seems to be extremely popular, even in February. Not too far a walk from bus 80, which even runs on Sundays, but a long trip. Watch the schedules.

  67. Name of Park: Kirk
    Location: NE Holladay & NE 188th Drive, Gresham
    Owner: Gresham
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 7
    Notes: Park contains a number of benches, a grove of trees, picnic tables, and grass open areas. In this chapter Paul confronts the issue of marriage in the body of believers, and uses it as an illustration of how to use the principle of circumstances to determine the best couse of action in a particular case. There is a small sub-theme regarding certain parts of our lives that should not change when we become believers. Also, our redemption was paid and we are free believers, and so believers should avoid becoming slaves of other men (At the time this appears to refer to slavery caused by excessive financial debt. Is your financial management something that makes you a slave of others?)

  68. Name of Park: Ladds Circle & Squares
    Location: SE Harrison & 16th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Mark 5
    Notes: Visited in January. Walked from Hawthorne Fred Meyer's store, while waiting for 1 hour film to develop. The park is made of up of several small parts. Heavily gardened, with lots of rose bushes, etc. Well maintained. Read Bible in Bench in the section at SE Poplar & SE Maple.

  69. Name of Park: Laurelhurst
    Location: SE Pine & 37th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Romans 6, 7
    Notes: Very diverse range of stuff in this park. This includes tenis courts, hoseshoe pits, duck ponds, and open areas that may be used for a number of activities.

  70. Name of Park: Laurelwood
    Location: SE Foster & Holgate, Portland
    Owner: unmarked, but probably Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: James 3, 4, 5
    Notes: Tiny park with only mowed grass, a few trees, and a single short bark dust path between the two roads. Traffic noise more unavoidable than any other park I have yet visited (early February).

  71. Name of Park: Lents
    Location: SE Liebe & 90th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Acts 2, 3
    Notes: Visited in early February. Walked from bus route 10. Nice trees and wood chip paths. Acts 2 and 3 is the starting of the Christian church. Despite persecution and despite the fact that the original 12 apostles were largely uneducated, miracles and speaking by the power and spirit of God leads the group to grow in number.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  72. Name of Park: Lincoln
    Location: SE Mill & 135th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 9
    Notes: Walked from bus on 122nd, but there is a bus that runs down Mill. It doesn't run very often, but it's there. Neat grove of trees with bark dust and paved paths winding through them with benches among the trees. Playground in open area near street. Mill is somewhat busy, but traffic noise is nowhere near the problem that it is at some Portland parks. It is interesting that as I sit here with the athletic competition at David Douglas High School across the street going full swing, for this chapter of Corinthians asks that we eliminate those things that hold us back. What items are hindering our progress in being closer to God (vs 24)? Illustrations in chapter seem to point to how we relate to others, and making life too difficult for them when they are not yet believers, or very young in the faith.

  73. Name of Park: Lower McLeay Park
    Location: NW Thurman Street Bridge, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 11, 12
    Notes: It isn't exactly clear where this park and regular McLeay Park are separated. The area serves as the base site for the trail up the hill to McLeay Park on Cornell Road. You can get right to this park on bus route 15, but when I visited the staircase from the Thurman bridge was closed for construction. If it is a clear day, be sure to get up on the bridge and take a look north towards Mt. St. Helens. Here, the salvation of God is compared to a well which provides refreshing drink, but getting on the wrong side of God is like being cut by a sword. It all depends on our position and spiritual condition compared to where we should be.

  74. Name of Park: Lownsdale Square
    Location: SW 3rd & Salmon, Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 55, Exodus 12
    Notes:By the famous elk fountain. Standard urban park, with trees, concrete sidewalks, and benches. Its April 12th, and a war protest walks past, which makes an interesting contrast to the huge monument erected to the fallen of the Oregon United States Volunteer Infantry in Guam and Phillipines. Isaiah 55: Why spend your efforts chasing that which can not satisfy? God is eternal, while those things around us are only temporary (something to be reminded of while we sit among the vast buildings in downtwon Portland: as huge and substantial as they may seem, none will last for eternity, yet God offers that which is eternal and can satisfy our true needs. Exodus 12 is the preparation process for the Passover. This is an appropriate day to be reading this as the message would have been given one week before Passover, and Easter and Passover are the same celebration (remember that "The Last Supper" was really a Passover meal celebration).

  75. Name of Park: Max Patterson Memorial
    Location: Cornell Ave & Exeter St, Gladstone
    Owner: Gladstone
    Chapter(s) Read: Daniel 1, 2
    Notes: Gladstone has few parks in its downtown, but the two that it has are grandly labelled. Very good playground particularly if you combine it with the facilities at the nearby grade school, which public is allowed to use at certain times. This was the first park I have seen with multiple small covered picnic areas, rather than one large one. Also has a wading pool. Scattered large trees provide shade. Far from extremely busy streets, so only noise is normal neighborhood and park noise.

  76. Name of Park: McLeay
    Location: NW Cornell Road, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: John 13 and part of 14.
    Notes: Balch Creek Gulch trail, with a number of picnic tables near the parking lot on Cornell Road. It is a little too close to the road for my tastes, but at least the road isn't quite as busy as other roads near certain other Portland parks. In this series of events, Jesus illustrates the concept of being a servant, while also being the one that is respected as the teacher. (This is a severe contrast to the religious leaders of the day.) As stated here, even the one who Christ loved and would betray him was treated as a servant would treat his master.

  77. Name of Park: McLoughlin Prominade
    Location: on cliff above downtown Oregon City
    Owner:Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: Ezra 5, 6
    Notes: An interesting top view of Oregon City and Willamette Falls and West Linn. Not entirely beautiful, but somewhat isolated from noise of city, but allows overall view of city nontheless. Resulting atmosphere should allow for some unique contemplations of life for the philosophical. In these chapters, Ezra answers the challenge with wisdom and care, and also says that the preaching and teaching of the prophets Haggai and Zechariah were of great help.

  78. Name of Park: Midland
    Location: SE Yamhill & 120th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Jeremiah 21, 22
    Notes: Don't believe older versions of the Thomas Guide maps on this one. It is not possible to get to the park from SE Taylor Street. The main entrance to the park is through the parking lot of the Midland Branch of the Multnomah County Library. A barkdust path winds through a dense forest, with traffic noise from 122nd reasonably well covered up. There are lots of benches and picnic tables, presumably so that we can read the books from the library in a comfortable environment. In Jeremiah 21 and 22 we see the priest that severely punished the prophet suddenly come to the realization that perhaps Jeremiah was correct that the injustices will be revenged. The priest hopes for a miracle, as in the days of old. The prophet has no hope for the one who caused such misery in his life. The priest expects deliverance without any repentance of his own heart or that of the king or people?

  79. Name of Park: Mill
    Location: SE Stevens & 120th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Jeremiah 18,19
    Notes: Walked from bus on 122nd. This park is also quite easy to miss if you are driving. The park entrance on the south side is from Lincoln, and this is only a small bark dust pathway with the standard-issue Portland Parks & Recreation park sign. Little else is visible. The bark dust path winds through a few large trees, with a nearby school contributing playground and game field space. The grove of trees is not as dense as Lincoln or North Powellhurst. Instead, there is open grass space between the trees. Traffic noise from 122nd is obstructed by an appartment complex. Entrance on north side of park is on a short dead-end street, so that the park does not appear as if it would be easy to find from that direction either. Background to these two chapters: the nation of Israel has abandoned God, and turned to idol worship. The particular idols selected from other nations involve child sacrifice and many other practices that God finds an abomination. The iron fisted rule of the unjust may last for a time, but eventually a nation that sacrifices innocent lives in order to persue its own greedy lifestyle will be eliminated. We must remember to pray for our leaders in this time. Any nation, no matter how powerfull, can be brought down with internal rot and internal injustice. It's March 24th, and we are at war with Iraq. How much injustice, internal or external, is being done without our knowing? We must remember to pray for our national leaders, particularly in these troubled times.

  80. Name of Park: Meldrum Bar
    Location: Willamette River & Clackamas River
    Owner: City of Gladstone
    Chapter(s) Read: Acts 7
    Notes: Visited in February. Very popular with fishermen. Walked from where I live, but accessible from bus 34, 33, 99, and to a lesser extent 79, 32, and 33-Arlington Branch. Acts 7 is the story of the very first Christian martyr.

  81. Name of Park: Montavilla Park
    Location: NE Irving & 83rd, Portland
    Owner: City of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalm 52, 53
    Notes: Arrived on bus 72, which seems to run every 7 minutes during many periods of the weekday (watched 3 of them go by while reading this short passage), unless you happen to be waiting for it. Left on bus 19. Very well developed park, includes 2 baseball diamonds, tennis courts, scattered trees with picnic tables, and a fairly good sized covered picnic area. Summer activities probably include opening the outdoor swimming pools, which include a slide. There is traffic noise from 82nd Avenue, but traffic noise is not as bad as it is in some parks. The picnic tables are located so that there are a few that are far from the busy streets. The playground, unfortunately, is located quite close to NE Glisan, which is quite busy. This section of Psalms appears to be written at a time when King Saul was attempting to kill the future King David. Those who enjoy evil will come to ruin, but there are times when it seems that no one in the world does what is just. Also brief expressions of hope and salvation.

  82. Name of Park: Mount Scott
    Location: SE Harold & 72nd Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 9, 10, 11
    Notes: Visited in early February. Walked from bus #10. Seems to have excellent community center and other buildings, as well as a number of large trees.

  83. Name of Park: Mount Tabor
    Location: southeast Portland. SE Hawthorne & 67th Ave would mark approx. center of park if they continued to that point.
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 1, 2, 3, 4
    Notes: Visited in January. One of my favorite Portland parks due to view of downtown Portland and Mt. Hood. In this particular case walked from SE Lincoln, but at other times have walked from bus #75, #14 and #15. Good walking trails.

  84. Name of Park: Nadaka
    Location: NE Pacific & 176th Ave, Gresham
    Owner: Gresham
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 113, 114, 115
    Notes: Visited in mid-March. Walked from MAX. This used to be the Campfire Girls Na-Da-Ka camp, but the city of Gresham has purchased it. It is left in a mostly wild state, but there is a gravel trail that loops through the park. Several of the benches are dedicated to the memory of those who died on Sept 11, 2001. Good place to go for a quiet read and hear birds sing in the background, as that sound has been absent from all the other Gresham parks I have visited so far.

  85. Name of Park: Normandale
    Location: NE Multnomah & 56th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 2 Kings 3, 4
    Notes: Visited in mid-April. From Holywood Transit Center, but got off of the busy Halsey Street as soon as possible. This park is a remarkable pleasure to discover. While it is true that Interstate 84 is nearby, and NE Halsey Street is on the north side of the park, both are quite far away, (I-84 is mostly just background noise, and Halsey is separated from the main part of the park by the park's two large baseball diamonds, and it is therefore muffled background noise, for the most part. A covered picnic area is there, but when I visited there were no tables inside it. A smaller cleared area is at the south side of the park, for smaller games, and the area in the middle is filled with trees and picnic tables. There is a fairly good sized playground as well. Halsey aside, the park is surrounded by low traffic local streets that are quite narrow, and most auto traffic is therefore moving quite slow. The playground is quite close to a street, but it is a section of NE 55th Avenue that doesn't go very far, and there were only two cars that went past during the 20 minutes or so I was in the park. considering how well equipped the park is, I was quite surprised how few people were using it.

  86. Name of Park: North Park Blocks
    Location: SW Ankeny to NW Glisan, between 8th & 9th, (here called Park Ave) Portland
    Owner: City of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Hebrews 9
    Notes: Burnside is the busiest street near this set of open blocks, and as you go north things become easier on the ears. This is a reasonably popular place for people to come and relax, but nowhere nearly as popular as the South Park Blocks. The traditional Hebrew view of the high priest is that what he sacrifices is not his own. However, Christ came, and by his own blood sacrificed himself for our forgiveness. He not only served, but was much more fully a way to come into contact with God.

  87. Name of Park: North Powellhurst
    Location: SE Madison & 135th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 10
    Notes: Walked from Lincoln Park. Entrance to park is small, and perhaps somewhat easy to miss. The maps show the park bordering main street, but this is simply not the case, as the north boundary of the park is a set of back yards. Road entrance, which is quite small, appears to be extension of Madison Street. A single bark dust pathway loops through a grove of large trees to the other side of the park, where there is a pedestrian entrance to the street on the other side. Contrast with chapter 9 (Lincoln Park). Associate with those around us, but don't be exactly like them, for we are not to participate in sin.

    Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge features a trail around the perimeter.

  88. Name of Park: Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge
    Location: Along Willamette River between SE Long and SE Rex, Portland
    Owner: City of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Ephesians 6
    Notes: walked from bus route 70, and made a loop of several parks: Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Riverside Park, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Oaks Pioneer Park, and Sellwood Park. Ephesians 6 talks of living the Christian life as we are given it. Even at the time of the Ephesians church, there are some statements made in early Christian literature about no man should be the property of another. However, if slavery is the condition of the culture we are given, then we must live it in such a way as to be visibly different than those around us. This is also the chapter that contains the very famous verse about our war not being against flesh and blood, but against the spritual rulers of this dark age (verse 12). So, we must not think that we can win by using physical weapons when we fight against a foe that doesn't have a physical presence.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  89. Name of Park: Oaks Pioneer
    Location: SE Spokane Street and 5th, Portland
    Owner: City of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Songs of Solomon (also called Song of Songs) 1-5
    Notes: walked from bus route 70, and made a loop of several parks: Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Riverside Park, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Oaks Pioneer Park, and Sellwood Park. Most famous feature of the park is an old pioneer church, moved to the site many years ago. It has become a very popular place for weddings. There was a group setting up for a wedding when I visited the park, and so I sat over in an inconspicuous spot and thought that perhaps Song of Songs would be an appropriate book. Considering that my Bible opened up right to it, perhaps the Spirit agreed with me!

  90. Name of Park: O'Bryant Square
    Location: SW Washington & 9th, Portland
    Owner: City of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Proverbs 31
    Notes: This is only four blocks from Pioneer Courthouse Square, and yet what a contrast. The roads surrounding this park are a bit less busy, and there isn't anywhere near the foot traffic and vendors, so that this square seems almost forgotten in comparison. There are more trees and two covered shelters (one a large bus shelter). The chapter is advice to the King from his mother.

  91. Name of Park: Pat Pfeifer
    Location: NE Couch & 176th Ave, Gresham
    Owner: Gresham
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 1
    Notes:Early march. Walked from MAX. A new playground appears to be under construction, but a significant number of the trees still stand. Several open game fields as well as picnic tables on the edges of the grove of trees. In the opening part of 1st Corinthians, Paul discusses the unity that Christians should have, and that we should not follow individual leaders in the church as if their views represented God's own spirit.

  92. Name of Park: Piccolo
    Location: Between 27th & 28th Avenues, south of Division and North of Clinton, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 15
    Notes: mid-March. Walked from Bus #10. Park is easy to miss, as it is only a small portion of a city block. Division is busy and nearby, but nearby houses block a large portion of the sound. A little over half the park is bark dust with playground equipment, and while there are no traditional park benches, the brick seating around the edges serves the need. Luke 15 is the response of Jesus to criticism from religious leaders of the time, who did not like the fact he associated with "sinners", and others who didn't wash according to religious cleansing practices of the time and place. The parable of the lost son is one of the parables here. How well are we willing to tolerate those who are lost, and then are found? Remember that many of these will have far different attitudes about things, and cultural differences will always be a problem. It is interesting that I would come to this today. I've just started reading the book Two Thousand Tongues To Go, and of course the Wicliffe Bible Translators have some of the most challenging circumstances in the Christian world, in terms of culture. In October of 1917, at the very start of William Townsend's ministry, he witnessed dietary habits that would make some North American readers throw up if it were described here. Yet, he was also experiencing the hospitality of fellow Christians in the native culture of a part of Guatemala. Keeping our lives open, even to those whose habits we find completely nauseating, is a challenge, but this chapter of Luke points to the need.

  93. Name of Park: Pioneer Courthouse Square
    Location: SW 6th & Yamhill, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 11
    Notes: March 27. Arrived on bus 10. War protests and terrorist threats caused a little more police presence than usual. Some people like to call this Portland's living room, but it is basically Portland's village square. Even in the rain, people gather to fool around, talk, eat, or just watch other people, or to make a public statement of some sort. While I am there, a man is reading various end times scriptures loudly from one corner of the square. I choose to sit in another location and read quietly. The instructions here about worship are at best controversial today. However, try not to concentrate on the differences in dress code for men and women here, but instead note the criticism Paul has for the way the church handles communion. Physical traditions can not cover the spiritual problems. The Corinthians are apparently concerned about their physical traditions, and that they be acceptable, but don't seem to be concerned at all about those things, such as the way they are celebrating communion, that would lead to alienation of a significant portion of the believers.

  94. Name of Park: Pittock Acres
    Location: West Hills, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 2 Chronicles 21
    Notes: January. Walked up hill from NW Portland, and visit to Hillside Center Park (above). Part of larger Washington Park / Forest Park complex. Great view of Portland.

  95. Name of Park: Portland Heights
    Location: SW Patton near Old Orchard, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Jeremiah 3
    Notes: This was part of a loop trip made on March 26 to three parks on bus route 51. However, unlike Council Crest or Healy Heights, this park is located on the route so that it is served twice as often as the other two parks. It features two playground areas, tennis courts, and two game fields, whith a bark dust trail, benches, and enough trees to provide shelter in the summer months. This chapter compares God returning to love an unfaithful nation to the difficulty and sense of betrayal of a man returning to an unfaithful wife. The emphasis here is not on punishment, but on the love of the abandoned party, and their willingness to continue the relationship after the unfaithfulness. Despite the severity of the prophecy in Jeremiah, God loves all people, no matter how severe their wrongs, and did not want to go through with the acts described later in the book.

  96. Name of Park: Portland Memory Garden
    Location: SE Bush & 104th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Malachi 1-4
    Notes: Visited in mid-February. Well maintained, apparently by volunteers. Too bad traffic noise interferes with meditative quality. Part of Ed Bennedict Park.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  97. Name of Park: Powell
    Location: SE Haig & 25th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Mark 10
    Notes: Visited in late January. Raining heavily that day, and only shelter available was pushed up against side of storage shed in park. Water wasn't a concern to me except that I didn't want to ruin the pages of Bible.

  98. Name of Park: Powell Butte
    Location: SE Powell & 162nd Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 23, Psalm 91, 90
    Notes: Walked from the eastern reaches of bus route 10. This is a Portland favorite, with many trails and a wonderful view of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Jefferson. Psalm 91 is a prayer of praise for God's protection of those who live in him.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  99. Name of Park: Raymond
    Location: SE Raymond & 118th Ave, Portland
    Owner: sign appears to be Portland, but also appears to have originally been Multnomah County, later transferred to Metro.
    Chapter(s) Read: Acts 4
    Notes: Visited in early February. Park consists of open grass and a few trees, and is harder to access than many Portland parks due to it being at the end of small local streets. Have always loved Acts 4, partly due to its picture of how devoted the original Christians were to eachother and how much respect the people had for the Christians of the era due to the testament of the way they lived their lives. If only we Christians of today lived that way!

  100. Name of Park: Reed Parkway (?)
    Location: SE Woodstock & Reed College Place (33rd Ave), Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalm 89
    Notes: Visited in February. Waiting for an overly-late bus 19. If the tiny Firland Parkway counts as a park on some maps, then certainly the nearly 1 mile long Reed College Parkway, between Woodstock and Crystal Springs Blvd. must count also? Psalm 89 is a complex declaration of praise and thankfulness for the promises mixed with a cry for help now that the people have been punished for their disobedience.

  101. Name of Park: Rivercrest
    Location: Barclay & Park & Brighton Avenues, Oregon City
    Owner: Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: Nehamiah 2, 3
    Notes: Tennis courts, wading pool, playground, covered picnic area, large grass areas with lots of tall trees, with some open spaces that can be used for games, or in one or two cases large picnics or outdoor concerts or other activities. Very near bus route 33, but it is not possible to see the park from the bus route.

  102. Name of Park: Riverside
    Location: Along Willamette River at SE Rhine Street, Portland
    Owner: ? State of Oregon Highway Dept or City of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 8
    Notes: walked from bus route 70, and made a loop of several parks: Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Riverside Park, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Oaks Pioneer Park, and Sellwood Park. This particular park is undocumented as far as an actual sign at the park, but it appears on some maps as a park. However, in the last several months there has been some significant developments in the formation of a trail along the Willamette River on the old site of Portland Traction Company Track #1. This at least makes the park accessible, and it appears that it has been developed into a viewpoint of sorts with some rock sculpture and other items where the log train dump used to be.

  103. Name of Park: Rivervilla
    Location: Along Willamette River at SE Fair Oaks, Oak Grove area
    Owner: North Clackamas Parks & recreation
    Chapter(s) Read: Nehamiah 5, 6, 7:1-3
    Notes: walked from bus route 34. Most maps show this park being located on Courtney, but Courtney does not go through the way it shows on these maps. Very nice park, but during summer would have severe boat noise problem. Visited on warm day in early May, and only two boats went by, so this wasn't a problem today. Significant portion of park, including the parking area, is closed due to falling trees. Change of any sort will probably result in opposition, particularly from those that stand to lose due toeh changes, yet Nehamiah persists in the effort of rebuilding.

  104. Name of Park: Rose City
    Location: NE Tillamook & 62nd Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 2 Kings 5
    Notes: Triangular shaped park that fills a section between local streets and the Rose City Golf Course. It's pretty much a standard park. Has tennis courts, baseball diamonds, one with a score-keepers table (the first I've seen in the parks that I have visited) and playground equipment including merry-go-round and teeter-totters. There are scattered trees that are tall enough to provide shade with grass, and picnic tables. Park is quite busy considering I just came from the much better Normandale Park and there were only two other people in that one. In this section of Kings, we see that despite the bad reputation that Samaria had, due to it being one of the centers of the separated Israelite kingdom, the primary prophet of the Lord of the era lives there in this unrespectable city. Also, when Elisha reprimands his servant for taking the gifts from the healed government official, one comment he makes is that "This is not the time to be taking gifts." The primary goal for Elisha is not to gain wealth, but to build the reputation of the Lord. Also, if we look at the immediate history several chapters ago, it is obvious that there are a number of prophets that tell the king whatever the king wants to hear, and it is vital to maintain an image that rejects this good-new-only prophecy for money image. One way to protect that image is to not accept the gifts that are given.

  105. Name of Park: Scott
    Location: public library, Milwaukie
    Owner: owned by City of Milwaukie, maintained by North Clackamas Parks & recreation
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 32
    Notes:Walked over to park during bus layover in Milwaukie. Park is much more pleasant in terms of traffic noise than Dogwood park, and has a lot more benches and other amenities, including an abandoned fountain. However, the public part of the park is hidden behind the library building, so that only those who park in that part of the library parking lot are likely to know it exists. Park section on east side of library is a small wildlife refuge, and ducks populate the park as well as people. Contrast Isaiah 31 and 32. While 31 is a continuation of the theme of injustice in the kingdom, in 32 we see a prediction that eventually all of these will end, and a kng will come that rules with justice.

  106. Name of Park: Sellwood Riverfront
    Location: Along Willamette River at SE Spokane Street, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 9
    Notes: walked from bus route 70, and made a loop of several parks: Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Riverside Park, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Oaks Pioneer Park, and Sellwood Park. Park seems have the makings of a popular picnic ground. Large open field that could be used for games. Small wild area seems somewhat popular with ducks.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

    Sellwood Park overlooks the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, but for the best view also take a walk along Sellwood Boulevard, the road at the north end of the park, where this picture was taken.

  107. Name of Park: Sellwood
    Location: SE Lexington & 7th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Isaiah 49
    Notes: walked from bus route 70, and made a loop of several parks: Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Riverside Park, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Oaks Pioneer Park, and Sellwood Park. Fairly good sized playground. Quite popular when it is warm out. Isaiah 49 reminds us that those who follow God are never abandoned or forgotten, though perhaps it may seem like it sometimes.

  108. Name of Park: Sewallcrest
    Location: SE Stephens & 31st Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Mark 6
    Notes: Visited in January. Almost walked by it due to it blending in with nearby school yard. Has a playground and a few benches.

  109. Name of Park: Shenandoah
    Location: Shenandoah & Allegheny, Oregon City
    Owner: Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: Galatians 3
    Notes: Visited on Jan 1, 2003. Attended New Year's Party nearby, but within walking distance of this park. 10 minutes spent walking neighborhood looking for house. Obviously, this is where it all started. Park consists of a few trees and the rest is mowed grass. Quite small. Galatians 3 proved a refreshing reminder of the faith placed in God.

  110. Name of Park: Singer Creek
    Location: Charman & Linn Avenue, Oregon City
    Owner: Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: Haggai 2
    Notes: Couldn't be closer to bus route 33, and that's what I took home. Park suffers some from traffic noise from Linn Avenue, but there are areas of the park that are quite remote from the road. Mostly paved paths, with both well-mowed grass and wild jungle-like areas intermixed. This chapter features a reminder that while man may look at the spleandor of the physical, God looks at the spirit of the people.

  111. Name of Park: Southern Lites
    Location: SE Southern Lites & 117th Ave, Clackamas County, possibly in side city of Happy Valley
    Owner: North Clackamas Parks & Recreation
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalms 71, 72
    Notes: Visited in Late February. Walked from Church. This park does not appear on any maps that I have been able to find, and locating it was quite an accident. It makes me wonder what other surprises North Clackamas Parks & Recreation has stashed away that no one knows about. On a slightly cold but very clear day, when any Portland park would have crowds in it, no one at all was in this park during my enitre time there, despite its extreme proximity to new housing, an excellent looking playground, and half-court basketball. It looks downright groomed, compared to most other parks in the area, and is probably extremely new. Perhaps also people in the new housing developments haven't gotten used to the idea that parks are for people to use? Psalms 71 and 72 are praises offered near the end of King David's life, and seemed appropriate for the beautiful weather.

  112. Name of Park: South Park Blocks
    Location: between Jackson and Salmon Streets and SW 9th & Park, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 20
    Notes: This is a popular park located on a series of blocks surrounded by Portland State University, the Oregon Historical Society, the Portland Art Museum, and a few other intersting places. It is a quite popular place for people to go and relax, read, meet eachother, or any of a number of other park activities. Artwork is more extensive than in the North Park Blocks, but more is being added there. In this chapter of Luke, Jesus notes and decries the hypocracy of the religious leaders of the day.
    See VirtualTourist Entry
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  113. Name of Park: Springwater Corridor
    Location: old Bellrose railroad line in SE Portland and Clackamas County between Highway 99E and Boring
    Owner: various governments, most of it city of Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 3
    Notes: Varies considerably along path, and some areas have picnic tables and benches. Chose one of the areas with artificial seating, as it rained that day and many areas still wet. In the third chapter, Paul transitions from the comparison of heavinly vs. earthly wisdom to discuss the specific problems the church in Corinth is dealing with, and much of their faith seems to have been built on human wisdom rather than the eternal wisdom of God.

  114. Name of Park: Stafford
    Location: Holmes Lane, Oregon City
    Owner: Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: John 4
    Notes: Arrived on bus 32, departed on bus 33. Originally planned to visit other Oregon City parks, but it was starting to rain, and just as I arrived at the intersection of Holmes Lane and Linn Avenue, bus 33 also showed up, and so I decided to come back later. A few scattered, very old fruit trees, probably from the days of the original Stafford farm. Oregon City has many of these historic houses, and even in this "new" part of Oregon City, houses pre-date the founding of the city of Portland by 10 years. A few benches and picnic tables are in the deepest part of the park, nearest Mountainview Street. In this chapter of John, we see Jesus allowing a community of non-Jewish people to reach their own conclusion about his identity.

  115. Name of Park: Stanley
    Location: SE Stanley & Harlow, Milwaukie
    Owner: Milwaukie / North Clackamas Parks & Recreation
    Chapter(s) Read: Jonah 1, 2,3
    Notes:A small paved walkway leads through a small grassy meadow. The park itself has no real features, other than a tree stump that serves as the only thing to really sit on there, except the ground. The real features of this park is that it leads to the nearby Linnwood School grounds, that have the primary features, such as the playground, covered play area, game fields, and a bark dust trail.

  116. Name of Park: Sunnyside School
    Location: SE Taylor & 34th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Mark 2, 3
    Notes: Visited in January. Walked from Hawthorne Fred Meyer's store, while waiting for 1 hour film to develop. A few small trees. Seemed to be popular with a few local dog owners, for exercise.

  117. Name of Park: Tery D Schrunk Plaza
    Location: SW 3rd & Madison, Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalm 45, 46, 47
    Notes:Contains a public speaking area that, unfortunately, citizens of Portland rarely use. Its mid-April, and a section on the west side has been closed for security reasons, but the main part of the public speaking area remains open.

  118. Name of Park: Tideman Johnson
    Location: SE Harney & 39th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Corinthians 2
    Notes: Visited in early March. Walked from bus route 75. Johnson Creek is a significant feature of the park, and its song of babbling contributes to the park's atmosphere. There are a number of dirt trails, and a covered area with benches is available on the Springwater Trail. In this chapter of Corinthians, Paul continues his commentary about earthly wisdom vs. faith and God's wisdom.

  119. Name of Park: Tom McCall Waterfront
    Location: West Side of Willamette River between Steele Bridge and Marquam Bridge
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Ecclesiastes 9, 10, 11, 12
    Notes: Visited in mid-March. This is the park in Portland that get's used as the city's living room. Most large outdoor Portland events are held in this park. Ecclesiastes is sometimes a difficult book to figure out. The "great king" looked back at his life of prosperity and worldly wisdom, but realized how insignificant even his great empire was in the long term. Advice here includes, at the end of chapter 10 and the start of chapter 12, to "cast your bread on the waters and it will come back to you". From surrounding verses this is advice to use kindness and build relationships, for you never know when you will need others. Considering that today is March 17, and our country is on the edige of the cliff of war in Iraq, perhaps it is good to consider the problems that may be caused by enraging other countries? I aim this comment not just at the American leaders, who have upset so many in their support of an Iraq war, but also at France, who in recent days made insulting remarks about certain eastern European nations, and threatened them with troubles in their efforts to become members of the European Union.

  120. Name of Park: Tryon Creek
    Location: Large area between Portland & Lake Oswego
    Owner: Oregon State Parks
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Samuel 15, 16
    Notes: Visited in mid-March. Even with the rain and mud on March 15, there were a lot of people in the park, illustrating its popularity. Trilliums were starting to bloom, but they were not quite in their full season yet. There is a lot of bird life in this park, and be sure to watch (and listen!) carefully for them. In these chapters of 1st Samuel, God rejects Saul as king, and the prophet Samuel is led to the youth David as the next king. God declares that He wants obedience, not sacrifices offered out of a false sense of pride. How often does the church today follow the example of Saul, and try to please the people, rather than try to please God? What of our Christian politicians?

  121. Name of Park: Ventura
    Location: SE Stark & 117th, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Psalm 145
    Notes: Many trees, but mostly an open park. Has a preserved milepost from the original road to Portland. Noise of nearby Stark annoying compared to relative quiet of other parks nearby. Two sections of playground equipment. Benches are only in two concentrated locations, which keeps the open areas open, except for the walkways. This Psalm is a praise to the Lord for his fathfulness to his promises and the life that he gives to all things. It is a good thing to remember His ultimate power and control in this time of distress. It's March 24 and the war in Iraq continues.

  122. Name of Park: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park
    Location: West Hills, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: John 15
    Notes: Early February. Only a few scattered people, but raining off and on that day. Primarily a single trail spiraling upward. Few benches. Part of larger Washington Park / Forest Park complex. Jesus calls us all to serve one another and calls us his friends in the process. What strength we need for this can be given to us if we are willing to humble ourselves and ask God for it.
    See VirtualTourist Entry

  123. Name of Park: Wallace
    Location: NW Raleigh & 25th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 1 Timothy 1
    Notes: Contains playing fields and basketball courts and playground. There are only a few benches and little in the way of walkways, so winter months are probably quite muddy. 1 Tim 1 reminds us that the law is really for the law breakers, and the real goal of of the faith is love.

  124. Name of Park: Washington
    Location: West Hills, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Nehamiah 1, 2
    Notes: Early February. Only a few scattered people, but raining off and on that day. Lots of trails. Part of a larger series of parks that run together, the largest of which is Forest Park. Nehamiah starts his work of rebuilding the walls. If we are to work in God's name, we must be willing to dedicate it to his honor and glory, and completely wash over every part of it with prayer.

  125. Name of Park: Waterboard
    Location: Waterboard Road & John Adams
    Owner: ? appears to be Oregon City
    Chapter(s) Read: Haggai 1, Neamiah 1
    Notes: I suppose it is appropriate that chapters about rebuilding of Jerusalem woudl be read in one of the areas most abandoned-looking parks. Waterboard road, which some residents may remember as an "interesting" climb from downtown Oregon City to the hilltop area up until the late 1980's, has been closed for approximately 14 years, and has decayed to the point where parts would be "interesting" in the best of off-road vehicles, if you could even drive that way without the road collapsing from underneath you entirely. Large chunks of the hillside above have fallen onto the road, and most have continued right on to the other side of the road. Many maps show a connection to a SE 3rd Street, but that does not exist, and never did. Yet, for those who are willing to walk in, the park offers seclusion, peace and quiet unlike almost all other parks in this part of the region. Be careful of the teenagers that gather here, however. Most are harmless, but I wouldn't say anything stupid to them either. The top of the hill on Waterboard Road offers a view all the way to downtown Portland, and perhaps beyond on a really good day, though it is no longer possible to see the Freemont Bridge due to the development in downtown Portland.

  126. Name of Park: Weber
    Location: SE Harmony Road, Milwaukie
    Owner: ?
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 21
    Notes: While on the map as a park, the majority of the land is covered by a weed-gorwn gulch. A small area that has an access road is the only spot that can be accessed. Park has a few tall trees and a municipal shed in that area.

  127. Name of Park: Weedin
    Location: SE Beaver Creek Lane, Troutdale
    Owner: Troutdale
    Chapter(s) Read: Amos 1, 2, 3
    Notes: Very small playground plus tenis court and a few trees. Amos preaches against the social injustices of his times, and makes no distinction between the "immoral" gentile nations and the "chosen" people of Israel.

  128. Name of Park: Westmoreland
    Location: SE 22nd Between Bybee and Lexington, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Acts 6
    Notes: Very popular with the ducks and geese, as it has a stream that runs through the middle of it. Small covered area. Walked there from work. In Acts 6, Stephen is arrested, but is still full of faith, and the religious works and the administrative works of the believers is split.

  129. Name of Park: West Powellhurst
    Location: SE Ivon & 116th, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Luke 5
    Notes: Walked from bus route 17. Entrance on SE 115th, but very small and easy to miss, unless you are on foot. Park opens up into two baseball diamonds, a basketball court, with a covered basketball court at the nearby school. One tree of significant size, but it appears that some recent planting is intended to take care of that problem. View of Mt. Hood through trees.

  130. Name of Park: Wilshire
    Location: NE Mason & 35th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: 2 Kings 6, 7
    Notes: Visited mid-April. Arrived on bus 75. In terms of being a complete neighborhood park, this one scores pretty high. There is a medium-sized covered picnic area that has no picnic tables. The busy street near the park is NE 33rd Ave, but that street seems quite distant from the main part of the park due to the two large baseball diamonds between that street and the rest of the park, and perhaps the row of trees helps block the sound. There are lots of benches and picnic tables, and the area is both well shaded by the tall trees but there is quite enough room to move around for most people. Bark dust and paved sections are somewhat limited, and so the park does seem to get a bit muddy on rainy days. This chapter of 2 Kings describes several miracles of God working through the prophet Elisha, including one of my favorites: "We have more on our side than they have on theirs" (2 Kings 6:16). How often do we not see God's power and potential to work in our lives? It is a good reminder to pray to have God open our eyes to such things.

  131. Name of Park: Woodstock
    Location: SE Insley & 48th Ave, Portland
    Owner: Portland
    Chapter(s) Read: Matthew 24
    Notes: Visited in January. Very popular with neighborhood. Lots of children, even in the winter, during light rain. Walked there from work.


    Some of you will recognize this poem, but not be able to place where you saw it. This is the opening poem quoted on the inside title page of all books in the famous All Creatures Great and Small series by James Herriot.

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