Machinery Moving Skates

Obligatory disclaimer:

Machinery moving can be dangerous. The method described here has worked for me, but might not for you. If it doesn't work for you, the consequences could be very bad.

That said:

Here are a couple pictures of my machinery  moving "skates".  They  consist of two pieces of 4" heavy angle with an axle and wheel welded to one flange. On one, a piece of 1" steel round bar stock is welded to the adjacent flange. On the other, a piece of  pipe that just telescopes over the 1" bar. The axles are located so that the wheels only project 1/2" or so below the level of the pipe.












Here are the skates as they are arranged for use. In practice, the the machine is lifted a couple inches off the floor, and one skate inserted from each side. The skates are located so that the telescoping bar/pipe are located near the balance point of the machine. Then the machine is lowered onto the angles. Since the machine is nearly balanced, it is reasonable for one person to control the balance of the machine and simultaneously move the machine.  With only two wheels and the independent axles, rotations of the load are easy. When the load is in motion, it is less than 2" off the floor, which reduces the likelihood of accidents.